Is the final version of my pod exactly the same as the one I created online?

Right, the print will be totally based on your design.

What kinds of printing techniques can you do?

We can provide silk-screen, DTG (direct-to-garment), reflective/holographic/foil special materials printing, embroidery and more.

Which positions can I choose to print?

Front, back, etc., you can place the image anywhere!

We also suggest trying all-over print and placement print. The result is more eye-catching. No more frame that limits your creativity.

Is there any extra charge for the print?

For placement print, the cost of one side is already included. If you like to have both sides printed, $2.99 extra will be automatically added.

For all-over-print, the basic price is $5.98. However, it might vary due to the products you choose. Since it costs higher to print on certain materials, some products start at $7.98.

What items are available for customized print?

We've been working on including more items for print-on-demand. Now you can put your design on more trendy items, for instance, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, dresses, swimwear, etc..

Can I create print-on-demand only available on my computer?

Of course not! Our Print-on-demand service are available on both PC and Mobile. You can create your own design wherever and whenever you like with our tool.

Can I do POD with my own picture? Will it be copyrighted?

Absolutely, we always appreciate original ideas!

No worries, your design will be 100% copyrighted. We promise that we will not use your designs for any purpose other than producing your order.

I found I have uploaded the wrong image and would like to change it, but I have already placed an order, is it possible to redo the design?

If you would like to change the print, please contact our customer service within 24 hours after ordering.

We are not able to cancel your order or revise your design beyond that, as then it is in production phase already.

Can I see the preview of my design?

Sure, the look of your design is automatically generated while you are creating, so you can change and adjust easily. The look of the finished product will be the same as what you previously created.


What is dropshipping? What benefits can I get?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that frees you from managing inventory. Every time your customer places an order, you order from us. Or, more simply, if you have integrated your online shop with HugePOD, the system will automatically complete the new order. Once finished, the product will be shipped directly to your customers. In doing so, you don't have to keep inventory, and you are able to scale up your business with significantly lower risk. It is particularly favored by startups and individual entrepreneurs.

Anything ordered from you can be dropshipped?

Currently, items in the HugePOD shop are available for dropshipping.

We are developing more categories and items, please stay tuned!

How I will be charged for dropshipping?

Different from other companies, we only charge for the products themselves and logistics costs. We offer cost-effective services, without storage or packaging fees. It is extremely friendly, especially for fashion entrepreneurs.

Will my customers know that their orders are shipped from you?

No, your customers will NOT see any information regarding HugePOD in their packages. We will send them under your name or brand.

You will also be notified when your customers acknowledge recipient.

My customer cancels the order, can I cancel the order immediately for a refund?

Please note that we only support free cancellation within 24 hours (after 24 hours the order is already in production). If you insist on cancellation after 24 hours, we will charge 50% of the commodity price of your order as the production cost. We sincerely hope you could understand.

What if my customer receives an order and wants to return it for a refund?

1.We do not accept returns or refunds requests out of regret or subjective dislikes.

2.Other return/refund requests have to follow our return/refund terms. Please refer to the relevant sections on this page.

3.Please send your request to: info@hugepod.com will determine whether you and your customer's order meet the return/refund terms under our return/refund policy.

I have my shopify store, how can I integrate?

It's easy. Follow these:

1.Enter "HugePOD" in shopify app store. Then you should see: https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=hugepod

2.Click the thumbnail, continue to Add app and Install app.

3.Log in with your HugePOD account, click Link to my store, enter your store's name and the URL to complete the authorization. Viola, integration done.

Ordering & Paying & Ricing

What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

For Print-on-demand orders, we ship regardless of the quantity you ordered; in other words, the MOQ is 1.

For Wholesale orders, the MOQ is 5, meaning 5 pieces of the same design in the same color.

What does your price include?

Our quotation includes: The cost of the products themselves, HugePOD tags (neck label, wash & care labels, hangtags), packaging (poly packaging bags), the tariff for international logistics. An extra amount of fee might be involved if you require customization or any special packaging and tagging. For more details, please consult our customer service.

If you were asked to pay for additional charges when picking up your package, please contact our customer service or email us ( info@hugepod.com) with your order details. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

How do you calculate the logistics cost?

The logistics cost depends on your delivery address, country, and the weight of your order. When you place an order, the system will automatically calculate the total price and the breakdown details.

How can I pay?

For print-on-demand orders, you can checkout online with Paypal, credit cards, etc.

For wholesale orders, paying online also works; but for this we only support Paypal.

What should I do if my order information or address information is incorrect?

For incorrect order information: if you or your customer has ordered the wrong size or color, HugePOD will not be responsible for that, and will not provide return or refund service after your production has been made.

For incorrect address information: if the address provided by you or your customer is deemed by the courier to be insufficient or inaccurate, the package will be returned. And once we confirm the correct address with you (if applicable), you will be responsible for the logistics costs of the reshipment.

For package unclaimed: the unclaimed package has to be returned and you will be responsible for the logistics costs of the reshipment to yourself or your customer (if applicable).

Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please contact our customer service. Cancellation is only possible within 24 hours after order placement. Since after 24 hours, your order would be passed to the production phase.

If you insist on a refund beyond 24 hours, we have to deduct 50% of the total amount as the producing cost. We sincerely hope you understand.

Manufacturing & Shipping

How long is your lead time?

For print-on-demand orders, the production takes 1-6 working days, depending on the quantity.

For non-print-on-demand items like T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts of a single color with simple design, it takes 7 working days for sampling, 7-15 days for bulk production.

For non-print-on-demand items like coats, suits, wool knitted items, dresses, jeans, bottoms, it takes 7 working days for sampling and 15 working days for bulk production -- a little longer due to the more sophisticated techniques involved.

Please note that there may be some unavoidable delays due to COVID-19.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship internationally. However, there are some countries or regions that have blocked or made strict restrictions on international shipping. So please make sure that international shipping is possible in your destination country before placing orders.

What kind of shipment will you use for my order?

To make sure you receive the package on time and intact, we primarily choose air freight, especially for bulk orders.

If you prefer other shipping method, or you have special requirements, please let us know, we would love to find out the best solution for you.

How long it takes for international shipping?

It takes 5-15 working days for shipping and delivery. Please note that this estimation excludes local holidays. And given certain unavoidable causes (e.g., customs clearance), or misinformation (e.g., incorrect address or contact information), there may be a delay.

In any case, we will give you a tracking number of your order to make sure that you can monitor the movement of your package. You can also contact our customer service ( info@hugepod.com) so we can also help from our side.

How can I track my order?

Our team will track the logistics and send you weekly updates.

What if I haven't received my package after 20 days?

Any of the following circumstances might lead to delivery failures:

1. You have missed the calls from the courier multiple times.

2. The contact number you left is wrong or invalid.

3. The shipping address you left is wrong or invalid.

If the the delivery failed due to any of the causes above, please contact us as soon as possible with the correct contact number/address and the time available for re-delivery.

Government curfew executed in response to a particular social emergency.

1. A delay might also occur due to certain causes beyond our control:

2. The flight is canceled.

3. The custom service office is on holiday.

4. The local customs staff, shipping or logistics companies are going on strike or stop working.

What if my package is lost or damaged?

If you find the package is damaged, please contact our customer service within 7 days after acknowledging the receipt.

If the freight company lost track of your package, we will arrange re-shipping as soon as possible.

Return and Refund Policies

What should I do if I want to return the order and get refunded?

Contact us first within 7 days after receipt. Please tell us your order number, and include pictures of the items you would like to return(Please send your request to: info@hugepod.com). We will process your request within 7 working days.

Once your return/refund request is confirmed, please send the items back in their original packages with them intact. Any unconfirmed return will not be accepted by the warehouse. Also please make sure the items to be returned are unused, unworn, and unwashed. We would not accept if the items are worn, stained, damaged, or altered.

Please indicate your bank account details to receive the refund. Your money will be returned to the original account in the currency you originally paid.

Please note that we do not provide freight to collect (FTC) service to return the package, the return shipping cost will be at your own expense.

According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the return policy may not be provided for:

1. goods that are made to the consumer's specifications or are clearly personalized;

2. sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery due to health protection or hygiene reasons.Therefore, HugePODl reserves rights to refuse returns at its sole discretion.

Any items ordered from your shop can be returned?

Our return and refund policies are not applicable to any item you order from our shop. Those listed down below cannot be returned:

Those listed down below cannot be returned:

· Tights, underwears, pajamas, swimsuits, socks, masks, and other items due to hygiene consideration

· Sample items

· Deliberately damaged items

· Items exceeding the 7-day period from the date of receipt

· Print-on-demand items printed based on your design, or items produced in accordance with your tech packs, but you subjectively judge that they are not what you order

· Items of delayed delivery due to misinformation provided, regarding the receiptient phone number or shipping address

Can I ask for a refund after placing my order, but haven't received my package yet?

Please contact our customer service within 24 hours after placing your order to submit you refund request.

However, it is not possible for requests submitted beyond 24 hours. Since your order would be already passed to the production phase.

If you insist on a refund beyond 24 hours, we have to deduct 50% of the total amount as the producing cost. We sincerely hope you understand.

Why is the refund amount inconsistent with the amount I paid?

The logistics costs contain postage and VAT (value-added tax), some orders also need to pay tariffs. Therefore, postage is not refundable, and 30% of the order amount will be deducted as the refund tax from the total money you have paid. So the net refundable amount equals the actual amount you paid with the deduction of postage and refund tax.

Can I ask for a refund if my order has not been shipped on time?

We promise to complete the production within 1-6 working day. And we will ship your package no later than the 7th working day (calculated from the date you placed the order).

By the end of the 7th working day, if you have not received any logistics or shipping information, you may ask for a partial refund which is maximumly 20% of your original commodity price.

By the end of the 10th working day, if you have not received any logistics or shipping information, you may ask for a partial refund which is maximumly 40% of your original commodity price.

By the end of the 15th working day, if you have not received any logistics or shipping information, you may ask for an unconditional refund, which is of the full rate of your original commodity price; If you prefer to keep waiting, you may ask for a partial refund which is maximumly 75% of your original commodity price.

*Notice: In the 3 cases above, if the production is delayed due to certain changes on your side (design modification, additional design requirements, wrong address, etc.), any refund is not applicable. Thank you for your understanding.

The final interpretation of this clause belongs to HugePOD.


Where is your location?

Our head office is in New York, and we have offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Dubai.

We have factories and workshops in Jiangxi and Guangzhou, China.

Packages are shipped from Guangzhou worldwide.

Do you have cut and sew services?

Yes! And we provide this service for bulk orders as well. Please contact our customer service for more details: info@hugepod.com

Is it possible to add labels and hashtags of my own brand?

Absolutely! We offer various labeling services that will definitely enhance your brand image. The MOQ for labeling & tagging is the same as that for ordering, i.e., 5 pcs.

I'd like to know more about your embroidery services.

We are good at doing various embroidery works! Please contact our customer service for more information and pictures: info@hugepod.com

Do you offer fabric options to choose from? Or is that something I would have to provide?

Yes, we offer a wide range of fabric options. You do not need to provide.

If you already have a particular fabric in your mind, we can further design and produce based on that; if you do not have any particular requirement, we will recommend a few options which are most loved by our customers. The price might vary in this case.

Can you make plus size? (larger than the size you have already listed)

Sure! Please send us the exact measurement of the size you desire.

Do you have ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services?

Yes, we have both. The MOQ is 5 pcs per color per design, in assorted sizes. Please contact our customer service for more details.

Can you do sampling?

Yes, for ODM and OEM orders we offer sampling service. Please contact our customer service, or send an email to info@hugepod.com for more information.

For print-on-demand orders, there is no requirement on the quantity for each order. Regardless of how many pieces you ordered, we ship anyways.