Connect your BigCommerce store to HugePOD

Step 1: Create your BigCommerce account

Head over to BigCommerce and create an online store.

Step 2: Connect Wix to HugePOD

Head over to HugePOD Stores, click the "link" button below. Then click "Connect BigCommerce"

Click "Login" and then click "Confirm" to install the HugePOD app

Step 3: Create your products

To start accepting orders you need to publish your products to BigCommerce. On HugePOD, head over to Stores and select your BigCommerce store. Click Add product and choose the products you want to sell on BigCommerce. That’s it. You're done! Now your new BigCommerce orders will be automatically imported into HugePOD. Feel free to contact us at info@hugepod.com for any questions, we're here 24/7. Connect your BigCommerce store to HugePOD

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