How to have custom labels?

How to have custom labels?

Step 1: Enter the design tool page

click Outside Label /Inside Label to start design according to your needs.

Step 2: Upload your logo image.

Step 3: Adjust the image according to your needs.

You can directly move and zoom on the picture to adjust its presentation effect or adjust the size and position of the pattern on the right console.

Step 4: Save

After completing your other designs, click the Save button, and the label design will be completed simultaneously.

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  • The size range of the label: 3 cm * 3 cm;
  • If the design tool only displays Outside Label/ Inside Label, it means that this product only supports Outside Label/ Inside Label customization. In addition, some products do not support direct design in the design tool. Please refer to the actual product for details.
  • This service only supports computer operation.
  • Outside Label: $1.99
  • Inside Label: $1.99 If you have any questions about the tool or operation, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp, or email to: info@hugepod.com.

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