HugePOD Commission feature user agreement

Section One - Overview

Article One - Purpose and basis

In order to clarify the calculation of commission that users can earn by using HugePOD content community and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the users, this specification is hereby established.

Article Two - Revision of the specification

HugePOD may change this specification at any time according to the development of its business, and announce it on the HugePOD website (www.hugepod.com) or notify users via other methods.

Section Two - Definition

Article Three - Image Owner:

Users own the copyright of the images they create and upload. Image owners can display their images publicly in the community for other users to save and or use for their product designs.

Article Four - Original Creator:

The users are the original creators of the Basic Product when they use the design tools to design merchandises.

Article Five - Secondary Creator:

If one user copies another user's merchandise and uses the design tool to modify the design again to create new merchandise, the user is the secondary creator of the merchandise.

Article Six - Seller:

A user who displays and sells products through their personal homepage.

Article Seven - Owner:

The user who uses the design tool to create merchandise, i.e. the creator of the merchandise.

Article Eight - The commission ratio of the merchandise:

the commission ratio set by the product owner or the platform for the product alone.

Article Nine - Category commission ratio:

the custom commission ratio set by the Platform for the product category (including the default base commission ratio of the Platform).

Section Three - Basic Rules

All registered users, unless otherwise explicitly agreed by HugePOD, are subject to the following basic rules for commission calculation.

Article Ten - Settlement logic for various types of non-commission calculation.

(1) No commission will be calculated for the goods in the service shop and commodity shop. (2) No commission shall be calculated for the sales of one-off orders. (3) No commission will be calculated when the user purchases merchandise they themselves designed.

Article Eleven - Commission Calculation Formula

Unless otherwise specified by HugePOD, the commission calculation rule is: Commission = Commission Base x Settlement Commission Ratio.

Article Twelve - Commission Base

The actual amount of the transaction when the seller's product is successfully purchased (the amount of the product sold, excluding shipping and customs duties). If buyers use coupon codes, coupons, shopping allowances, etc., it does not affect the commission base, and the commission base will be calculated according to the amount before the discount.

Article Thirteen - Commission Ratio

(1) The commission ratio varies depending on the role of the user. (a) Image owner: When a product transaction is completed, the image owner will receive a commission and the commission ratio for settlement is 1%. (b) Original creator: When a product transaction is completed, the original creator will receive a commission ratio of 2%. (c) Secondary creator: When the transaction is completed, the secondary creator will receive a commission ratio of 1%. (d) Sellers: When a product transaction is completed, the seller will receive a commission ratio of 3%. (2) The commodity owner and the platform have the right to adjust the commodity amount and the commodity commission ratio, and the adjusted commodity commission ratio shall take effect in the early morning of the next day, and the commission ratio adjustment shall not affect the orders already generated.

Article Fourteen - Settlement Commission Priority

(1) Settlement commission ratio for users may be stacked according to their role in a single merchandise transaction, with the following exceptions. (a) When the User is both the buyer of the merchandise and in any of the other roles, no commission is earned. (2) Commodity commissions have a higher priority than category commissions. That is, if an item qualifies for merchandise commission ratio and the category commission ratio, the merchandise commission ratio will be applied to the transaction of that item. (3) Except for products for which the product owner has set a product commission ratio, all products under the category will be calculated according to the corresponding category commission ratio. (4) The commission ratio at the time the buyer creates an order shall prevail, and the adjustment of the commission ratio shall not affect the orders already generated.

Chapter Four - Commission Settlement

Article Fifteen - Commission Settlement Date

The time when the commission is paid to the user, as follows (1) The time for commission settlement is stated as follows (a) In order to protect the integrity of the transaction and the rights and interests of consumers, if no after-sale process such as refund occurs within 15 days (including 15 days) after the completion of the transaction (i.e. the consumer confirms the receipt of the order), the commission can be calculated (example: the commission of the order confirmed on March 1 and calculated, the commission settlement will be completed before March 15 and the withdrawal will be supported) (b) If the day of commission settlement rests on a weekend or legal holiday, the commission will still be settled normally. (c) If there is a delay in the settlement of fees due to the refund, the platform will synchronize the delay in the payment of fees to the user. (2) In case of major events or uncontrollable factors affecting the commission settlement date, prior notice will be given.

Article Sixteen - Settlement Unit

(1) The commission shall be calculated in U.S. dollars (USD) and shall be rounded to the two decimal places. (2) The specific sales amount shall be based on the sales data recorded in the HugePOD system (the number of valid orders and the corresponding sales of valid orders), and if the sales data is incorrect due to system failure or any other reasons, both parties may re-check the data and the actual occurrence shall prevail. (3) If there are other circumstances that may cause the final transaction price to be inconsistent with the original transaction price, HugePOD may independently determine the solution based on reasonable reasons.

Article Seventeen

If the user's behavior is suspected to be in violation, and HugePOD determines that it is indeed in violation, HugePOD has the right to retract part or all of the commissions previously earned by the user.

Section Five - By-laws

Article Eighteen - Effective Date

This specification shall be published on May 1, 2022 and shall take effect from the date of publication.

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