Design Tips & Printing

Design Tips & Printing

  • Is the final version of my pod the same as the one I created online? Right, the print will be totally based on your design.

  • What kinds of printing techniques can you do? We can provide silk-screen, DTG (direct-to-garment), reflective/holographic/foil special materials printing, embroidery, and more.

  • Which positions can I choose to print? Front, back, etc., you can place the image anywhere! We also suggest trying all-over print. The result is more eye-catching. No more frame that limits your creativity.

  • Is there any extra charge for the print? For placement print, the cost of one side is already included. If you like to have both sides printed, $2.99 extra will be automatically added. For all-over print, the printing fee is already included in the basic price, so you don't need to pay extra.

  • Is it possible to add labels and hashtags of my own brand? Absolutely! Customized label and hangtag services are available on our platform. Customized label: you can choose to add a customized label in the design tool. The size range of the label: 3 cm * 3 cm. Outside Label: $1.99 Inside Label: $1.99 If the design tool only displays Outside Label/ Inside Label, it means that this product only supports Outside Label/ Inside Label customization. In addition, some products do not support direct design in the design tool. Please refer to the actual product for details. This service only supports computer operation. Customized hangtag: Choose hangtag from the product list https://www.hugepod.com/product/984852423992668160 and go to the design tool to customize your design. The size of the tag: 3.35*1.57 1 pack = 500 hangtags, $25 per pack.

  • What items are available for customized print? We've been working on including more items for print-on-demand. Now you can put your design on more trendy items, for instance, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, dresses, home and living, accessories and more.

  • Can I create print-on-demand only available on my computer? Of course not! Our print-on-demand service is available on both PC and Mobile. You can create your own design wherever and whenever you like with our tool.

  • Can I do POD with my own picture? Will it be copyrighted? Absolutely, we always appreciate original ideas! No worries, your design will be 100% copyrighted. We promise that we will not use your designs for any purpose other than producing your order.

  • I found I have uploaded the wrong image and would like to change it, but I have already placed an order, is it possible to redo the design? If you would like to change the print, please contact our customer service within 24 hours after ordering. We are not able to cancel your order or revise your design beyond that, as then it is in the production phase already.

  • Can I see the preview of my design? Sure, the look of your design is automatically generated while you are creating, so you can change and adjust easily. The look of the finished product will be the same as what you previously created.

  • Is there any color difference between the design and the print? HugePOD will print your design based on the original color which minimizes the color differences, but in following situations color differences are normal and acceptable. About color differences: In designs: Different colors being printed on different fabrics/materials may result in minor differences, which is normal. In fabrics: Fabrics dyed in different batches may have minor differences due to temperature/dyes, which is normal. Base color element: The same design being printed on products of different base colors, due to the primary colors principle, may have minor differences, which is normal.

Disclaimer These FAQ articles contain helpful information about our products and services, but they don't offer any legal advice. If you're not sure which laws apply to you, or you have any legal questions or concerns, please consult an attorney.


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