How to use My Homepage

After the product upgrade, your HugePOD homepage is officially here. You can sell your merchandise and make a profit here! (Personal account and ruling coming live on May 7th)

How to use the Homepage?

Upload your own design works (products/images)

The products you save in the design tool and the design drawings you use will be saved to your Homepage.

Collect your favorite designs

You can also collect your favorite designs in Product designs and Picture designs

Create different collection

You can create different collection for your content for easy management and promotion

Decorate your Homepage

You can decorate your Homepage with custom nicknames, profile photos, background covers, and preview or share the homepage

Please note

When others access your homepage via a linked address, the content is all visible by default. Please ensure that the content of your homepage is not infringing and has the right to sell it. In the above cases, you can manually hide or delete the content, otherwise at your own risk and consequences;

We hope to see more of your amazing creations at HugePOD, and we wish you the best of profits!

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