How to Get Shopify API Permissions

How to Get Shopify API Permissions

1. Go to My Store, click on Apps.

2. Click on Develop Apps .

3. Click on Allow custom app development.

4. Click on Create an app.

5. Fill in the App name , and click on Create app.

6. Click on API credentials, and get the API key.

7. Click on Configuration and configure permissions.

8. You need to check the following permissions:

1) read_content、write_content; 2)read_themes、write_themes; 3)read_products、write_products; 4)read_customers、write_customers; 5)read_orders、write_orders; 6)read_fulfillments、write_fulfillments; 7)read_shipping、write_shipping; 8)read_inventory、write_inventory; 9) read_locations; 10)read_assigned_fulfillment_orders、write_assigned_fulfillment_orders; 11)read_third_party_fulfillment_orders、write_third_party_fulfillment_orders;

9. Click on Install app.

10. Get API Password, notice it's not API secret key.

11. Open HugePOD Service Center page, enter the API key and token.

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