Why use compostable bag?

Why use compostable bag?

As the pollution caused by traditional plastic bags becomes more and more detrimental to our world, people are now more aware and began switching to bio-degradable alternatives.

What is compostable bag?

Compostable bag is made from PLA and PBAT, and under natural or designated compost conditions, the micro-organisms can decompose the materials to eventually become CO2, CH4, H2O.

Why use compostable bag?

Green packaging mainly consists partially degradable bags and compostable bags. While the partially degradable bag can be decomposed, it still contain plastic or other elements, meaning it can only be decomposed partly, and the remains still had to be disposed of in land fills like traditional plastic waste. Which means, in reality, they still cause damage to the environment. Thus, using the compostable bag will greatly reduce plastic waste, making the packaging no longer an issue for the environment, and all its elements return to nature as part of the soil, truly green, safe, and natural.

The advantages of compostable bag

  • Environmentally safe: Use compostable bags to greatly reduce the plastic pollution caused by traditional packagings.
  • Re-usable: Compostable bags are soft, durable, fold-able, and can be used repeatedly.
  • Compost-able: Compostable bags are mainly made of starch, which can be decomposed way more easier than other materials, and causes no harm to the soil.
  • Bio-degradable: When exposed to light, air, water, and micro-organisms, these products will bio-degrade naturally.

HugePOD compostable bag

The HugePOD compostable bag is light and sturdy, the smooth packaging is easier for tag placement and water proofing, great for clothing and other soft objects. The clear packaging makes it easier to see the actual products, none contain the HugePOD tag or logo. Additionally, HugePOD allows personalized customization. From blank packaging to branded designs, amazing publicity for it to be seen whilst traveling and in the hands of the customers.

HugePOD packaging customization advantages

  1. Reusable and safe for the environment
  2. No order minimums
  3. Cost effective at a great price
  4. Printable on both sides

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Also, HugePOD also made improvements to the other layer. From White delivery packs, to cardboard boxes, none contain the HugePOD tag or logo, so no worries! We go green, and we intend to keep it that way! We know that we can't even take a single step without your help and support, and we sincerely invite you to join us on the path of making our beautiful blue dot just a little better!

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