What Fabrics Are Used for Quick-Drying Clothes? Why Can't Regular Fabrics be Used for Quick-Drying Clothes?

  1. Polyester fibers. The fabrics used for quick-drying clothes are made of polyester fibers, among which nylon is the most common, because nylon itself has different water absorption properties than cotton and linen.

  2. Soybean fiber. Nowadays, some new types of quick-drying clothes also use more comfortable and environmentally friendly fibers such as soybean.

  3. Reduced risk of catching a cold. After exercising, sweat enters a resting state in regular sportswear, which can easily cause changes in body temperature and lead to illness. The biggest characteristic of polyester fibers is that they do not absorb water like a sponge, but instead increase the wet area and speed up evaporation. The main function of quick-drying clothes is to quickly remove sweat from the body, not to absorb it, but to transfer it directly to the surface of the clothes, increasing the area of sweat to accelerate evaporation and achieve quick-drying.

  4. Multi-functional. During outdoor sports, quick-drying clothes can also perform well in windproof, rainproof, and moisture-proof aspects.


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