What is silk cotton?

What is silk cotton? Silk cotton is a high-quality silk yarn made from fine spinning, which undergoes special processing such as burning and silk gloss to produce a smooth, shiny, soft, and wrinkle-resistant yarn. High-quality knitted fabrics made from this material perfectly retain the excellent natural characteristics of cotton and have a silky luster and a soft hand.

Depending on the object of silk gloss, silk cotton can generally be divided into yarn silk gloss, fabric silk gloss, and double silk gloss.

Yarn silk gloss refers to cotton yarn that has been treated with concentrated alkali under tension, giving it both the characteristics of cotton and the silky luster of silk.

Advantages and disadvantages of silk cotton: Silk cotton fabrics are among the best in cotton. They are thinner and have good moisture absorption and breathability compared to general cotton fabrics. Silk cotton has a soft hand, good moisture absorption and breathability, and excellent drape. At the same time, the fabric is refreshing, comfortable, soft, moisture-absorbing, and has excellent gloss. Knitted fabrics made of silk cotton are often used for high-end T-shirts, polo shirts, and other garments.


  1. Good dyeing performance, bright color, and not easy to fade.
  2. The fabric has a silky luster.
  3. The fabric size is relatively stable, with good drape, increased yarn strength, and not easy to break.
  4. The fabric is stiff, has good wrinkle resistance, and is not prone to pilling.


  1. The process is complex, and the cost is slightly higher.
  2. The style is relatively mature, lacking a sense of fashion.

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