What are wholesale shipping rates for your selling region?

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HugePOD Wholesale Shipping Steps

  1. Shipping To deliver orders as fast as possible, we optimize shipping policy, different carriers to different shipping countries.
  2. Delivery Once the order arrives at destination, it will be delivered to the customers.

HugePOD Wholesale Shipping Rates

Postage costs can be checked via the item page. HugePOD wholesale will tally the total postage fee based on the first item and additional items. A brief example below. T-shirt

  • For reference only, actual fees may subject to change.

Say you're buying a T-Shirt and shipping it to the US, with Standard shipping, your postage fee is $6.39. If you're buying 2 T-shirts, then the postage fee will be First Item + Additional Items ($6.39+$3.85= $10.24).

Shipping FAQ

  1. How does HugePOD Wholesale calculate the order postage fee? An order's postage fee is the shipping cost of its first item. Example: Using the standard method to ship a T-Shirt to the US. T-Shirt -> US -> First item: $6.39 The postage fee of a T-Shirt to the US is 6.39 dollars.

  2. How does HugePOD Wholesale calculate an order's postage fee with multiple same items? Postage fee = Shipping cost of first item + shipping cost of 2nd item x the amount of items Example: Buying 3 hoodies and shipping them to the US via the standard method In this example (Hoodie), there's 1 first item, and 2 following up 2nd items. Therefore, Postage fee = $8.96 (First Item) + ($6.35 x 2 (2 second items)) = $21.66 total postage fee.

  3. How does HugePOD Wholesale calculate the postage fee of orders with different items? The item with the highest first item shipping cost will override any other items, and the 2nd follow-up items will be added. Example: Buying 2 hoodies, 1 T-shirt, 1 Dress and shipping them to the US with the Standard method. $8.96 (First hoodie) +$6.35 (2nd Hoodie) +$3.85 (T-shirt) +$3.85 (Dress) will be the total shipping fee.

Delivery Time

Standard: Average fulfillment time 12-20 business days. Express: Average fulfillment time 7-10 business days. DHL Express: Average fulfillment time 3-5 business days.

  • These shipping times are estimates, not guarantees

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp, or email to: info@hugepod.com.

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