Pantone's 2022 Color Of The Year: 'Very Peri'. Hit Or Miss?

Pantone's 2022 Color Of The Year: 'Very Peri'. Hit Or Miss?

It's an exciting time for all you color aficionados; Pantone has declared 'Very Peri' its color of the year. We love it! However, as we'll see, it has caused some controversy on Social Media.

What Does Pantone Say About 'Very Peri?'

This is new ground for Pantone. It's the first time they've created a new color instead of going into their archive. For us, this speaks of new beginnings and the feeling that the rulebook has been torn up because of the pandemic. We've certainly seen that in all facets of life: the status quo has changed in the office and the home.

There is a futuristic element to the color and the sense of humanity merging(whether you view this positively or negatively) with the digital space. Pantone's partnership with Microsoft to integrate 'Very Peri' into a range of Microsoft apps shows we're about to see this purple-red shade dominate in 2022.

Very Peri shouts: The world is what we make of it, and so is your print-on-demand business.

How Does Very Peri Make You Feel?

Very Peri is a warm blue with a hint of red. Of course, blue is traditional, but then that red undertone gives it a sense of dynamism--something is bubbling just under the surface; seismic changes are afoot; and although there's no doubt we're moving forward, there remains an element of uncertainty about just where that place is. Is the future Eutopian, Orwellian, or Zuckerbergian ;)

Who Will Very Peri Be Popular With?

Very Peri has no age connotation. It is for those who are forward-thinking; those on the vanguard where digital meets social. We love Very Peri at HugePOD - we envision stylish but functional gym wear or casual tees and premium hoodies that take you from the park to Starbucks.

Some inspiration from depositphotos shows the variety of graphic styles that can incorporate this Very Peri hue:

IMGS TK - download comps from depositphotos.com

The line between formal and informal is growing ever narrower. People are working from home and homing from work. In many ways, our digital selves are becoming more real than our actual selves. Periwinkle lavender captures that transluscence perfectly.

Why Is Very Peri Causing Controversy Online?

Anyone who follows fashion knows that you can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Color theory is even more contentious for the sheer fact that colors are so bound up with memory. Very Peri seems to invoke some strong memories for American customers in particular.

Big in the mid-90s, periwinkle was a top wedding decor color, possibly as a result of the wall color in Monica and Rachel's infamous apartment in Friends. And of course, as 1 British user pointed out, it reminds them of Nando's Peri-Peri sauce.

No matter what the detractors say, we at HugePod love Very Peri and are confident it will dominate the fashion world over the next 12 months.

Have A Very Peri Christmas with HugePOD

HugePOD is a print-on-demand website for wholesalers, dropshippers, and one-time purchasers. We offer high-quality printing at half the price of our competitors. We're particularly proud of our advanced printing technology, which ensures your Very Peri design is the exact shade it appears in our design tool. We use only the highest quality inks and fabrics and cater to all-over-printing and placement printing. Our wholesale marketplace allows you to purchase pre-designed clothing to sell and turn a HUGE profit. Some of our favorites in Veri Peri-inspired shades include: https://service.hugepod.com/wholesale/detail/915311682019012608- dress https://service.hugepod.com/wholesale/detail/909859430848417792- mesh top https://service.hugepod.com/wholesale/detail/915639788546179072- space sweatpants https://service.hugepod.com/wholesale/detail/915569966244311040- virgo shirt link

Use Very Peri to jump-start your Christmas and New Year sales with HugePOD.

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