Explanations of reasons for failed order synchronization

#1 The order does not include matched variants of published products.

The order contains items that don't match any published product variants in your store on HugePOD. To process the order successfully, each product variant must be accurately matched with a published product.

#2 The vendor information for the products in the order is not correct.

The order contains products with incorrect vendor information. For your Shopify store, ensure the Vendor is set to "ODMPOD."

#3 The fulfillment service for your product's variants is not correct.

This error occurs when each product variant in your Shopify store is not associated with the correct fulfillment service, with "Inventory will be stocked at" not set to "ODMPOD."

#4 We are unable to locate your store.

The system cannot find the store associated with the order. This could be due to incorrect store identification or a problem with the store's setup in the system.

#5 The order has already been created:  12345566778888

This message indicates that the source order has already been synchronized with the system and can be found in your order list.

#6 Unable to find the source order.

The system cannot locate the original order for the Dropshipping order due to possible deletion, incorrect linking, or an order identification error.

#7 "Unpaid" order cannot be synced:

An unpaid order cannot be synchronized for Dropshipping. It must be fully paid before processing and vendor fulfillment.

#8 System error:

Please try again or contact customer service. We will get back to you once the issue is detected.

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