Differences between Cotton and Tencel Linen

Advantages of Tencel Linen

Tencel linen is highly favored by consumers and manufacturers because it is a more environmentally friendly woven fabric. The nature of the Tencel linen fabric is also stable and excellent, with a long service life and high comfort level. It is particularly suitable for wearing in hot weather, with excellent breathability and no friction. Even people with sensitive skin can wear it without any problems.

Advantages of Cotton Linen

Cotton linen is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it a popular choice for summer clothing. It also has good shaping ability when used for long-term clothing production. Additionally, cotton linen can produce a thermal effect on the body, accelerating blood circulation, regulating the nervous system, soothing muscle cells, and improving sleep quality as well as relieving muscle soreness.

Disadvantages of Cotton Linen

Cotton linen is prone to shrinkage and wrinkles after washing, and many clothes made of cotton linen may look loose and shapeless after long-term wear. Therefore, cotton linen is generally used for making casual clothes rather than formal wear to avoid these drawbacks. Additionally, cotton linen is prone to color fading, making it less suitable for long-term storage and wear. When washing, it is recommended to separate it from other clothes.


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