Heat Transfer Paper

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1-5 Pieces


6-29 Pieces


30-99 Pieces


≥ 100 Pieces

One-side print included

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Attributes Values
Item Number R00159
Features Basics
Attributes Values
Fabric Weight
Fabric Stretch
Fabric Thickness
Care Instructions Wash only after 24 hours; Hand wash recommend, flipping required for machine washing; Do not apply detergent/soap directly on the transfer; Air dry on the opposite side, avoid direct sunlight.
Attributes Values
Print Size: 40*52cm
DTF front
Attributes Values
Recommended HugePOD's recommended collection.
Country Services Shipping time First Additional
Special Line
Special Line Pro
International Express
Standard Shipping(Sea, >21kg)
10d avg; 95% in 15d.
7d avg; 95% in 10d.
5d avg; 95% in 7d.
25d avg; 95% in 30d.

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