Streetwear Women's Colorblock Maxi Dress

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Attributes Values
Item Number R00362
Gender Women
Model Regular
Features Casual, Cute, Street, Daily Casual, Polyester, Long, Bodycon, Summer, Autumn/Fall, Spring
Attributes Values
Fabric Weight
Fabric Stretch
Fabric Thickness
Care Instructions Regular handwash; Machine wash (max 40℃ or 105F); Do not bleach; Iron on a low heat; Regular dry cleaning; Tumble dry.
Attributes Values
Note: DTF requires images with sharp edges, so please be cautious when uploading.
DTF front, back
Attributes Values
Streetwear A "Streetwear" in the fashion industry refers to a brand or product that is highly sought-after and popular among trendy individuals. In the clothing industry, "Streetwear" typically refers to brands with unique design styles and strong personalities that attract the attention and following of young people. The defining characteristics of "Streetwear" are often unique designs, high-quality fabrics, limited availability, and high prices.
Premium quality The product is made of premium, high-quality materials.
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